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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DIY Flower Girl Baskets

Anyone who knows me knows that I love arts and crafts. Always have. So naturally, I am going to create a few diy projects for my upcoming wedding. One of the first projects that I made are two flower girl baskets. I went to my local thrift store and found two little brown baskets that came to a total of $1.00.

Unfortunately, I do not have a "before" picture but after buying the baskets I went to Wal Mart and purchased white spray paint, ribbons, and pieces of fabric (I already had scrap fabric). After spray painting the baskets and letting them dry, I hot glued bows, ribbon roses (that I also DIY'ed), and the fabric onto the baskets. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Be My Bridesmaid?ll

I do apologize in advance if all my posts from this point on is all related to wedding stuff but I am in full blown wedding mode! But this post is about how I am formally asking my friends to be my bridesmaid. I seen this cute idea on Pinterest and quickly hopped all over the idea.

Here is my actual finished cards:
I seen a few pins that directed you to a website where you can order these cards but opted for the good old DIY. I found the poem on Pinterest and bought the rest of the supplies at my local WalMart. All I used was colored stock cards, ribbons, and rhinestones that you can glue yourself. All of the supplies cost me well under $20! These are just a few missing from the picture, and my the maid of honor poem was different from the poem above. I designed each one differently but with the same color cards and embellishments.

I thought this idea was cuter than just sending a text message or verbally asking. I hope you all like! TTYL! :)

I'm Engaged!!


Soooo much has happened since I lasted posted on my blog. To sum it all and skip to the good part... I'M ENGAGED!! Ahhhhhh! 

April 20, 2014, a wonderful Easter Sunday my fiance' proposed to me so very romantically. Or at least I think it was because I was completely surprised. Let me give you details:

So a few weeks prior, he told me that on Easter we were going to his parent's place for Easter dinner and he also invited my parents. Cool, I did not see anything wrong with that because he has a big family and they always celebrate holidays. A week before Easter, he bought me an outfit that he picked all by himself which consisted of a Tiffany Blue pencil skirt, a peachy-colored blouse, strappy Nine West heels, and an accent necklace piece that complimented everything nicely. He told me to wear the outfit to church on Easter morning and then we would proceed to the dinner. So the Saturday before Easter, we were out and about just casually talking and he asked me what were some of my favorite wedding songs. Not thinking of anything, I responded to him and he replied, "My favorite wedding song is Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are". I simply agreed that it is a great song and that was the end of that conversation.

We did not go to church Sunday morning because unfortunately I had to go to work but he was adamant about me wearing the outfit so I did. Anyway after work he picked me up and we headed over to his parent's for "dinner". Apparently everyone was in on the proposal except little me. So when we arrive, all of the family was there, dinner was served, casual conversations, kiddos running around, basically the usual. After dinner, we played a few family games which is a usual tradition so still nothing is out of the ordinary to me. The first game we played was a decoy game just to keep me thinking that everything is normal. The second game however was designed specifically for the proposal. It was called "How well do you know your partner" and no matter what my answer was, I automatically won the game. So after legitimately thinking I won the game I was given my prize. I was handed a gift box which contained candy and a little box with a cute bow. I open the little box and it was completely empty and I have a dumbfounded look on my face. Everyone thought it was hysterical. Still at this point, I do not think anything at all is unusual. The only thing I was wondering was why everyone was staring so hard at me. So I am still meddling in my prize box when all of a sudden Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are starts blaring throughout the living room.

Still do not think anything unusual. I'm actually singing and dancing with the music.

From my peripheral vision, I see my finance' get down on one knee but I am still in my own little world. Finally I look up at him, see this smirk look on his face and before I can ask him what's wrong I see something glittering. I look down and see the ring inside of the actual ring box in his hands...

I bolted out of the room fully surprised with my adrenaline at an all time high. I was soooooooo surprised. His family escorted me back to the living room where he got down on his knee again and asked me to marry him. With tears streaming down my face and a shakey hand... of course I SAID YES!!!

My engagement ring. Customized, Round cut half carat, 14 k white gold. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cuckoo for Coconuts!

Everyone knows all the wonderful benefits that coconut oil provides. It's not an ancient Chinese secret. Curly girls and naturalistas definitely know the wonders that it does for our hair. Coconut oil can now be found in most hair products sold in stores. 

With that being said, I have stumbled upon my latest obsession... Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream! 
I first came across this gem thanks to a sample that was sent to me thanks to Freeflys.The sample lasted me for about a week but a week was all that I needed to be swept off my feet. I bought this cream immediately. I love this product! It smells absolute delicious! Literally. 
My hair loves this cream. I usually apply it to freshly washed hair when I am doing my wash-n-go. It does not weigh my hair down but instead gives my curls moisture and definition. The cream does not feel greasy although the consistency is somewhat thick but that is not an issue at all for me. 

I am currently trying a twistout with this product so hopefully I will be able to share that experience with you all soon. I'm trying the twistout on dry hair and then I will try with wet hair and then blog the results. But in the meantime in between time go try this product, it is amazing!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bantu Knots on Wet Hair

Bantu Knot and Flat Twist Out

Last night, Saturday, I attempted a to do the Bantu Knot hairstyle for the 100th time. Of course I am exaggerating but I have attempted to successfully accomplish Bantu Knots several times. I have tried it on day three hair and blow dried hair all of which were epic fails. My hair did curl in those instances but it did not last very long once I walked out the door. SO last night I decided I would try it on wet hair and I must say I am very pleased with the results. 

After washing my hair and sectioning into six manageable parts, I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream and coconut oil 

 I then took about 2-3 inch sections and began to two strand twist my hair until I reached the end as shown below
 Once my twist was complete, I coiled my hair into little knots (hence the name of the hairstyle) tucking the ends of my hair around the knot. A few of the knots did come undone so for those I used a bobby pin to secure it. I continued that process until I finished and in total I believe I had about 15 knots because of the size sections I chose. I could have made smaller sections but I was press for time and this was my first attempt with wet hair. This is what my finished knots looked like:
Any other time I would have let my hair dry overnight but because I had prior engagements I opted for the hair dryer. I sat under the dryer for two hours which was not long enough because some parts of my hair was still a little damp but it was the risk I was willing to take. So if/when I attempt to do bantu knots again, I will try to sit under the dryer for three hours. Hence the word try because the dryer and I do NOT get along!

So I unraveled each knot then unraveled each twist. And because I wanted more volume and curls I continued to gently separate each curl until I reached my desired style. This is what my hair looked like when I finished:

Overall I am very much pleased and will most definitely do this style on wet hair again! The only difference is that I will not immediately start right after I wash my hair. I will let my hair get about 50% air dry so that I can have less time sitting under the dryer or air drying overnight. 
Let me know what you think! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Flexi Rod Curls!

No heat rod curls!

I absolutely love using flexi-rods on my hair! 

Before I explain any further, let me give you a brief history about my hair. I have naturally curly hair that probably can be classified as 3b AND 3c type hair. If you ask me, I'll say that I have "does-whatever-it-wants" type hair. Growing up, I never appreciated my hair because naturally I wanted straight hair like everyone else. Everyone knows that people with straight hair want curly hair and people with curly hair want straight hair. I never knew how to manage my hair and I constantly complained that it was "fluffy" or "frizzy". In middle school I received my first relaxer which straighten my hair which I loved. I received about a total of 5 relaxers in my life but I stopped getting them because I think it was doing more harm than help to my hair. So afterwards, I just continued to grow and maintain my hair but without relaxers and eventually the processed hair grew out and trimmed off. The flat iron became my best friend throughout the years if/when I want straight hair. So from that point on, I have been "natural" or should I say back to my "fluffly" hair which I am perfectly fine with. It wasn't until a few years ago that I really began to appreciate my natural curls and also when I came to the realization that I should have NEVER relaxed my hair because my curls aren't how they used to be before the chemicals. But either way, I love my hair now and I try to find routines that only benefit my natural hair. 

So let's continue on with the flexi rods...

Within the last year I have been utterly obsessed with curly afros. And by afro I do not mean the classic "fro" but I have been in love with defined tight coiled curls. So I researched some hairstyles and proceeded to experiment with flexi rods and this is the result: 
I call this look my curly fro! I used about 40 flexi rods on day 3 hair. I sectioned my hair 2-3 inches in width and applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner just enough to dampen my hair. I rolled my entire hair, wrapped with silk scarf, and slept with the rods in which is NOT comfortable at all. The only reason why I slept with the rods is because my hair is very long and in order to achieve an afro style I needed the rods to stay in for as long as possible without having to use a hair dryer. The next morning, I took out all of the rods and gently broke apart the curls to achieve a more full fro look. I applied a little bit of oil to make my hair appear shiny and I went on about my day. This hairstyle lasted for about two days before I hit frizz city but I still thought it was well worth it. 

Summer Thrifted Outfit

Have a Coke and a smile!

This is an outfit I put together during the summer and everything shown is a thrift store find minus the shoes. I found a cute Coca-cola shirt in the little boys section and simply cut it into a muscle tank shirt. I also purchased a couple of other shirts that I also turned into a tank shirt which you can see in my previous post. The shorts were originally jeans that I made into high-waist denim shorts. I already had the belt and earrings which I purchased from a previous thrift store adventure.